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Virtual Shopping Session:

Whether you live in a large city or smaller village or just simply pressed for time, you should not need to compromise on your style. Virtual shopping is a convenient way for you to enjoy our expert services whenever an in-person shopping is not possible. Just think of this as the classic Jade Style Makeover at your fingertips. 


A Virtual Style Consultation (60 minutes via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime) – Together we’ll

 (a) define your unique & authentic “style formula”,

 (b) Identify what clothes best fit your figure type, face shape and colouring, 

(c) discuss silhouettes, cuts and fabrics to look for when shopping. 

During the session you will also learn how to put together fresh & exciting outfits from your existing wardrobe. At the end of the consultation we will come up with a plan of action to refine & polish your look and a shopping list for outfits that we’ll be looking for during the Virtual Shopping Session – with specifics and budget for each piece. 

2) Virtual Shopping – within a week of your Virtual Style Consultation, you will receive 8 custom-curated mood boards of 4 pieces each with clickable links to retailers, with additional options for each piece at various price points to fit your budget. You’ll be able to easily purchase the items from the retailers’ sites to have them sent directly to your home. 

3) We will set up a Virtual Fitting Session (60 minutes via Skype or FaceTime) to discuss the results of your Virtual Shopping and will teach you styling tips to transform your existing and new outfits.

 4) You’ll receive a personalized Style Worksheet with all the session insights and you’ll receive a link to a personalized page on our website, with all your outfit formulas and shopping galleries. 

5) Additional post-shopping review services are available and can be discussed separately.

Service Charge $600